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  Due to the advantages of easy processing, convenient construction, high plasticity, wide application and all functions, the innovative curtain wall new materials for AEP plate are widely applied to curtain walls of high-end buildings, such as airports, railway stations, compartments, car panels, industrial workshops, shops, roofing decoration and kitchen & bath cabinets and also applied to decoration of external walls of steel structure. The R&D of AEP plates meets the national design requirements of energy saving, greenness and environmental protection on buildings and plays an important role in city beautification, energy saving and emission reduction.

AEP Plate — 11 main advantages of the all-functional champion are as follows:
1. High Strength
By adoption of updating microcellular foaming technology, the AEP plate has a tight and stable structure and can resist strong wind.
2. Fire Resistance
The AEP plate is fireproof and will not generate molten drops in carbonization.
3. Heat Preservation
Due to the good combination of metal or non-metal and air, the heat preservation of the board is improved.
4. Heat Insulation
By the combination of optical principle and thermal principle, the heat insulation of the AEP plate is improved.
5. Weathering Resistance and Chemical Resistance
Due to the adoption of nano inertia technology, the AEP plate can resist ultraviolet rays and acid rain and has a long service life.
6. Light Weight and Low Density
Due to the adoption of the microcellular foaming technology, the AEP plate lowers the load bearing and the construction cost of the building on the premise of enhancing the ability of resisting wind.
7. Low Water Absorption
With the low water absorption of 1.4%, the AEP plate is guaranteed to be used under the high-moisture environment.
8. Sound Insulation
Because of 95% of hole closure rate, the AEP plate cuts off the transmission channel of sound and makes the environment quieter.
9. Luxury, Large, Level up (3L)
With the height of 6m, the AEP plate is far beyond other wood decorative panels and can make internal decoration noble and elegant.
10. Double-sided Decoration
The AEP plate has many patterns on both sides, so the partition walls and the background walls made by AEP plates are brighter and more colorful.
11. Convenient Construction
Traditional processing tools and technology can be applied, so the construction time is greatly shortened.

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