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The AEP plate is a kind of new material which has a foaming sandwich layer adopting a scientific formula and independently developed, has two metallic surfaces as decorative surfaces, is made by composite molding by special technology and integrates functions of thermal insulation, fire resistance and decoration.

Quality management and product certification
Junzhizhaoye Co., Ltd. has regarded high-quality products as the prerequisite of building up a great brand. From capacity building of employees to internal quality management to quality control of the supply chain, we have the quality management system that involves the entire process. From the purchase of raw materials to the manufacture process to sales process, we strictly adhere to the brand standards. We reevaluate the quality management system in a more in-depth,detailed and systematic manner in an effort to improve it. We enhance the quality inspection of products, and make sure uninspected products will not enter the market. In accordance with the brand management system, our company has adopted process management methods and automated production of devices, in order to perfect the system. Our products can rival those made in Germany with the certification of the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system and with the approval of institutions like SGS, CE,ITS and TüV after strict inspection. From the purchase of raw materials to the entire manufacturing process, we closely examine every product and make sure they reach the standards of the international quality management system. As a result, our high-quality products add up to over 96 percent of the total amount.

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