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Junzhizhaoye has established a pro-active marketing system that is market-oriented and that puts quality at its core, service as its tenet, construction of marketing information platform as its base, so as to build up a highly-efficient marketing management system characterized by horizontal organization and professional management. We encourage the spirit of service of Internet enterprises, emphasizing user experience and serve to satisfy customers’ demands by enabling more users to participate in the product design and give feedback on service, so as to improve the marketing management and services of our company and maximize the benefits.

"Two keepers" as marketing model
“Two keepers” refers to two types of managers, one in charge of the marketing process, and the other after-sales service. The former are members of the marketing team who will help clients market products with their professional marketing background and keep an eye on the investments of their distributor alliances and help them earn profits by making scientific and reasonable investments. The latter give assistance to distributor alliances and make sure the after-sales service is available at all levels (after-sales service center, district general agents and distributors) in order to provide a secure environment for the investors.

Technical Support
Mi Shifei: A well-known curtain wall designer in China and technical adviser for Junzhizhaoye Co., Ltd.

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