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JUZI’s Will, ZAY’s Soul
- Interpretation of the Spirit of JUZIZAY People
JU means a good horse that can run fast;
ZI means wisdom, namely collection of wisdom.
Recruit More Capable Personnel, Draw on Others Successful Experience, March Forward Courageously, Co-create a Great Career.
By the spirit of the swift horse, lead JUZIZAY people to work hard and bravely seek high-efficiency working style and high product quality;
By the wisdom of the swift horse, forge JUZIZAY people to work together for exploration and indomitably seek technical innovation and steady development.

Innovative Curtain Wall Leader
By technical innovation and taking sustained development as its management philosophy, JUZIZAY is specialized in production of new generation of green environment-friendly curtain wall materials and realizes sustained development of ourselves and the environment around us. We are willing to try our best to protect natural ecology and contribute to the social development.

Time flies, it is a spring again.
Along with the development and reforming of the curtain wall industry, JUZIZAY answers the call of the nation, seizes the opportunity, successfully develops all-functional AEP plates based on its powerful technical team, and sets a precedent of innovative curtain wall.
Taking science and technology as a basis, technology as a core and innovation as the philosophy, JUZIZAY creatively improves performance and quality of products, accelerates the pace of development and becomes an innovative curtain wall leader with first-class technology and service.
In the future, there is still a lot of mountains needing to climb, we must recruit more capable personnel and build a brave marketing team. We will make continuous cooperation and take dealers as colleagues. Focusing on the curtain wall industry, we will show the strength-based brand image by high-efficiency service.
I firmly believe that by our unremitting efforts, JUZIZAY will become an internationally famous brand in the building curtain wall industry.

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