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The decorative insulation panel has a bright prospect
——star product of the construction and decoration industry

To meet the domestic demand for energy efficient and brightly-colored architecture, the decorative insulation panel comes out with good thermal insulation and decoration effects, which will bring changes to the materials of curtain walls in China. 
Markets and benefits
Due to the characterization of material itself and lack of precautions, fire accidents occur at times, which have contributed to economic losses, social panic and environmental pollution. The organic materials that may lead to or worsen the fire accidents have highly aroused public concerns. Very few technically-mature products are available in the construction and decoration industry. Fortunately, the insulation and decoration integrated panel embodies the transformation of technology and meets the market demands, which is a star product in China’s construction and decoration industry.

Environmentally-friendliness, the world’s housing trend
Threatened by global warming and frequent extreme natural disasters, our living environment is facing no bigger threat than ever. Environmentally-friendliness and energy-efficiency are the trends of the era. Green and high-tech housing will be promoted worldwide.

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