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Glass curtain wall
The glass curtain walls, mainly applied to large structures, were introduced to China in the 1980s from the western countries. They are widely used in city landmarks because of their outstanding architectural beauty. The double or triple glazing enables them to be sound-proof and light-resistant.They may cause severe light pollution due to the reflex action of light and potential risks due to thermal expansion characteristics of light. In addition, they have poor fire prevention capacity, which may easily result in fire accidents and explosion. Therefore, China has formulated regulations known as the Technical Code for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering.

Aluminum-plastic composite panel (veneer)
Aluminum-plastic composite panels, made up of advanced composite materials, are high-quality materials used in curtain walls. Introduced from Germany in the 1980s and 1990s, they have well represented metal curtain walls (one of the three major types of curtain walls) with their luxuriousness, decorativeness, lightness and being easy to process, carry and install. However, its high energy consuming, installation techniques and production process of varying quality as well as quality and technical problems are worrying.

Honeycomb Plate
The honeycomb plate is a kind of plate which is made by tightly bonding two thin panels to both sides of a thick honeycomb core material layer and is also called the honeycomb sandwich layer structure. Moreover, the honeycomb plate also means that a lot of cutoff waveguides are welded together to make up a cutoff waveguide array to form the panel with quite big opening area and capable of preventing leakage of electromagnetic wave. The paper honeycomb plate is a kind of green packaging material which rises in the developed countries in recent years and features resource conservation, protection of ecological environment and low cost, and it has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high stability, heat preservation, heat insulation, shock prevention, etc. Purposes: The honeycomb plate is used as processing materials for curtain wall and external wall plates of buildings, internal decoration projects, advertising boards, ship buildings, aviation, internal partition, goods display stands, commercial transport vehicle and container truck bodies, buses, trains, subway and rail transit trains and modern furniture industry.

AEP panels
With the application of nano-modification and extrusion molding technology, the water-proof and sound-proof AEP panels have displayed excellent performance of wind resistance, heat preservation, thermal insulation, weatherability and decoration. In 2004, the innovative curtain wall materials that reach the international standards were invented by the Guangdong Junzhizhaoye Co., Ltd through years of effort. Approved by the top-level curtain wall system assessment center in China and recognized as patented products, these materials have been introduced into the market.

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