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AEP board innovative curtain wall new material processing simple, convenient construction, strong plasticity, wide use, all-round champion advantage is suitable for high-end building curtain wall, such as airport, station, train carriage, car panel, industrial plant, shop, ceiling decoration, kitchen and bathroom cabinet can also be applied to steel structure facade decoration. The R & D and application of AEP board comply with the national design requirements of building energy conservation and green environmental protection, and play an important role in beautifying the city, energy saving and emission reduction.

AEP board the 11 outstanding advantages of all-round champion are as follows:
1. High strength performance

Using the latest microcellular foaming technology, AEP board forms a firm and stable structure and has super wind pressure resistance.

2. Fire retardant

AEP plate has the properties of non combustion, carbonization and no droplet.

3. Thermal insulation performance
The good combination of metal, nonmetal and air improves the thermal insulation performance of the plate.
4. Thermal insulation performance

Combined with optical and thermal principles, the thermal insulation function of AEP board is improved.

5. Weather and chemical resistance

The use of nano inert technology, anti ultraviolet, acid rain, can extend the service life of AEP board.

6. Light weight, low density
The application of microcellular foam technology in AEP board can reduce the load-bearing and construction cost of the building under the condition of enhancing the wind pressure resistance.
7. Low water absorption
Low water absorption of 1.32% ensures that AEP board can be used in high humidity environment.
8. Sound insulation performance
The 95% closed cell technology of AEP board insulates the transmission path of sound and makes the environment more peaceful.
9. High performance
The height of 6 meters makes the wood decoration board far away and makes the interior decoration noble and atmospheric.
10. Double sided decoration performance
AEP double-sided pattern can be matched at will to make partition and background wall gorgeous.
11. The construction is simple
The traditional processing tools and technology are used to shorten the construction time.


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