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In 2015 Chinese construction industry big inflection point increase more opportunities challenges


1) China construction industry into a single digit growth, even the negative real growth of
With the macro economy enters the new normal, the real estate industry a sudden turn for the worse, China building industry besides infrastructure field, will face lower overall. In 2014 the overall growth rate of 10.2%, the real situation must have a digit. The government in order to adjust the structure, not through direct form of large investment projects, 2015 into the single digit growth is inevitable, in fact, a large number of field (real estate development, commercial and industrial) negative growth also is inevitable, the whole construction industry into a negative real growth could also. All the construction enterprises have growth era officially over, start the construction industry differentiation.

2) relationship competitive era gradually far, competitiveness era began to
With a few large private enterprises, large state-owned enterprises founder and leader of the accident, indicates the relationship between competitiveness in China's construction industry price increases, on the development of the enterprise value greatly reduced competitiveness gradually coming of age. Enterprises do not pay attention to the internal strength training, development will be not sustainable. Construction enterprises have a certain scale and strength, should go ashore.

3) construction enterprise M & a quantity to increase, the number of construction enterprises bankruptcy increased
In 2014, China construction enterprise does not fall myth has been shattered, 2015, will be more amplification.
Chinese construction enterprises will be the real estate business brought down a number of projects; reduce, because the number of competition, pushed down a group of; as a result of mismanagement, loss is severe, by the bankruptcy group; because the control ability is weak, internal got a shipment. But no matter how, relative manufacturing, retail, Chinese construction enterprises elimination rate is very low, on the whole, the 2015 began to enterprise differentiation, Matthew effect appeared.
Similarly, the construction industry in the field of information foam enterprises are also facing collapse danger in 2015, continued ability to rely only on the administrative monopoly, capital speculation circle of small bulk, pyramid sales, no innovation capability of enterprises is faced with great challenges. Obviously, this kind of enterprise is eliminated by the market innovation and development of the industry is extremely advantageous.

4) PC industry meets the challenge
Industrialization, informatization is the route one must take Chinese construction industry transformation and upgrading. But how to promote its industrialization, industry rules, policy design is very exquisite, the current policy is effective or not remains to be seen. China construction enterprise innovation ability is a serious shortage of upgrading an important challenge for transformation of a Chinese construction industry.
Promote industrialization, industrialization of micro innovation for more effective. Industrialization must have the information technology support, BIM, Internet Cooperative Information Technology Popularization technology industry before, industrialization development limited.

5) PPP projects to the rapid growth of
Due to the lack of trust, on the government's credit policy and law matching up, plus the financing difficulties of most private construction enterprises, project investment management ability is insufficient, the government is pushing the PPP project struggling, thunder, rain less. Need to wait for the mature market.
A large central enterprises due to shoulder the important responsibility of the country, and the state credit guarantee, will be the first to launch some projects.

6) construction industry internet financial year
Whether the government vigorously promote the PPP, or the real estate crisis caused by the owners of the payment crisis, will lead to the next stage of development of building enterprises, financing ability is the core competitiveness.
Construction enterprises must broaden the financing channels, the Internet finance is undoubtedly a new prospect of project financing channels. In 2014, the construction of new financial experts - class Huitong platform (www.banbank.com) is released, the industry caused great repercussions, kicked off the Internet crowdfunding of construction industry.

7) construction stage BIM technology application of explosive growth, achieved domestic brands have the advantage of BIM technology.
In 2015 China construction industry, BIM technology application in the construction stage of construction project amount will exceed 100% growth stage of construction, application of BIM technology platform tuyere formal formation.
Beginning in 2015 BIM technology become a necessity for the survival and development of construction enterprises. The construction stage of construction, the leading domestic brands continue to expand the advantages of BIM technology. A large number of foreign brands had burnt central enterprises and large state-owned enterprises, began to try the localization, specialization is stronger, the domestic BIM technology into higher output.
On the whole, in 2015, the construction industry is Chinese big inflection point, increase more opportunities challenges.

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