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Metal curtain wall engineering requirements for raw materials


metal curtain wall project which requires
for raw materials A variety of materials and accessories used by 1 metal curtain wall project, shall be in accordance with the design requirements and the existing national product standards and technical specification, also should have the certificate, test report and re inspection report.
2 aluminum alloy should be surface anodic oxidation treatment, or other effective surface treatment, surface treatment layer thickness and material should be consistent with current industry standards "building curtain wall" (JG-3055) of the relevant provisions, fluorocarbon resin processing of aluminum alloy plate surface, fluorocarbon resin content shall not be less than 75%; the sea and the severe acid rain area can be used three or four fluorocarbon resin coating, the thickness should be more than 40μ m; other regions may adopt two fluorocarbon resin coating, the thickness should be more than 25μ m.
The 3 metal materials and spare parts other than stainless steel, steel should be the surface of hot galvanized processing or other effective anticorrosion measures.
4 curtain wall with neutral silicone weatherproof sealant, silicone sealant should be used as the template structure of neutral sizing, structural silicone sealant, silicone weatherproof sealant must be with the contact material compatibility test report. Rubber due to component analysis report and the material quality certificate level limit.
5 according to the curtain wall glass wind load height and size, can choose low foaming interval double-sided tape, when the curtain wall wind is larger than 1.8N/m2, the appropriate amine Tsuen formic acid ethanol low foamed poly medium hardness interval of double-sided adhesive tape; when the curtain wall under wind load is less than or equal to 1.8N/m2, the appropriate use of polyethylene low foaming interval of double-sided adhesive tape.
6 curtain wall can use polyethylene foam material as filling material, the density of not less than 0.037g/cm2. curtain wall rock wool, mineral wool, glass should be used in cotton, fire prevention board does not burn or difficult to combustion of materials for thermal insulation materials, at the same time should be used in composite material of aluminum foil or plastic film packaging, as waterproof and dampproof material.
The above content according to students finishing encountered problems in practical work and become, for reference, if any problem, please timely communication.

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