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Research progress of curtain wall technology


Since 1981, China curtain wall has experienced a brilliant 30 years, these 30 years, especially in 2001 - 2011 of the third 10 years, technical level of China's curtain wall has been a qualitative leap, not only keep the curtain wall power status, more toward wall power. The curtain wall technology to raise the level of mainly in the curtain wall form, the application of new materials, new curtain wall, curtain wall system standard preparation and other aspects.

new forms of curtain wall Very planning plate curtain wall
Most walls used quadrilateral plate, but in recent years curtain wall shape is more complex, the emergence of some use a variety of different types of plate project, which uses the triangle plate can adapt to the complex curved surface.
Non smooth surface of the curtain wall
Curtain wall plate is a three-dimensional box or a dustpan, form bump and three-dimensional wall, special artistic effect. When the curtain is a hyperboloid complex, using three-dimensional plate element can conveniently adjust, easy to fit a predetermined surface. Beijing Phoenix media center shaped wall as the tire, consisting of a dustpan shaped glass plate spliced.
Novel sun shading device
forms Part of a new sun visor curtain wall is composed of a novel technique, a typical example as shown below.

The application of
materials A variety of new glass
(1) large size glass
At present, the maximum length of bending tempered laminated glass production in foreign countries is 6 meters. In 2010 our country has produced bending tempered 12.6 metres x 2.6 metres three doubling of ultra large scale glass, used in the apple store in Shanghai each large glass price of 1000000 yuan. 2011 has produced 15 metres x 3.6 metres three pieces of 12 mm glass. Up to 18 metres in length product shipments of Hongkong apple.
(2) ion and reflection type intermediate film for laminated glass
model Ion intermediate film (trade name SGP) shear modulus ratio PVB (the entry for "PVB" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) higher, on the low temperature sensitivity, can be considered part of the overall effect of laminated glass, which can improve the bearing capacity of laminated glass, satisfy the high wind force requirements of large size glass. Canton Tower glass curtain wall height of 460 meters, it adopts the SGP intermediate film for laminated glass.
Using reflective intermediate film (trade name XIR) of the laminated glass can meet the requirements of energy conservation, not made of laminated insulating glass. Single laminated and laminated insulating glass can save 30%~50%, and weight after the corresponding supporting structure of timber Is also reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.
(3) the vacuum glass
Unlike the hollow glass, vacuum glass layer is only 2 mm thick, vacuum, thermal insulation performance to meet the requirements of the. Beijing Tianheng mansion adopts vacuum glass 8000 square meters, which is currently the world's largest vacuum glass curtain wall engineering.
All kinds of sheet metal
Metal curtain wall by using conventional aluminum. Now, according to the various architectural design requirements, stainless steel plate (term "stainless steel plate" provided by the industry Encyclopedia), copper, titanium plate and titanium zinc plate (entry "titanium zinc plate" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) has been adopted in a number of large projects.
Ceramic plate
Ceramic plate of ancient style, fire safety, durability and easy maintenance. Size is usually the width of 150 ~ 300 mm, 450~900 mm long, 15~30 mm thick, with a longitudinal through hole, connected to the beam via a back groove, pendant. The edges of the plate with openings, slotted not glue (entries "glue" provided by the industry Encyclopedia).
Non granite slab
The granite stone curtain wall has been widely used, the highest of granite curtain wall for Guangzhou building, building height of 330 meters, 280 meters high stone curtain wall. In recent years, sandstone, marble, travertine and other strength (entry "strength" is provided by the industry Encyclopedia) lower non granite stone widely used in public buildings and high-rise building curtain wall. Non granite surface waterproof processing requirements, abaxially affixed to glass cloth, and should adopt the back connection.
The new
curtain wall system Point supported glass curtain wall
cable Cable net structure system is a high technology content, the design involves analysis of nonlinear structures under large deflection, but also to consider the effects of temperature and initial tension; its construction is to consider the top tension of reasonable tensile grade and sequence, higher complexity. One of the earliest cable curtain wall is the Harbin International Convention and Exhibition center. The largest single cable net is the new Beijing Poly Plaza, 90 meters by 70 meters, triangular surface. Shanghai China maritime museum uses a saddle two pieces of 54 metre high cable net, tension in the height of steel reinforced concrete is 78 meters (entry "concrete" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) "sails", saddle cable net is also used for lighting roof.
Recently, the ultra large scale cable network is widely used in large public buildings, the scale and technology difficulty are hitherto unknown in the world. Kunming Changshui International Airport cable net curtain wall area of 20000 square meters, the more difficult is the cable must be from curved steel "Ribbon" through the middle. Beijing is the 8 degree of seismic fortification area, Mobile Telephone Bureau of national network management center and Tucheng are arranged cable net between two independent buildings, earthquake relative displacement will be two buildings the tensile cable, to develop the world's first level, installation of cable end spring safety device.
Double ventilating curtain wall
Hot channel between the double curtain wall is composed of an outer curtain wall, inside wall or doors and windows and their composition. The formation of stable airflow in the thermal channel with natural or mechanical ventilation, improve the indoor environment, sometimes also can reduce the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning. China's first double ventilating curtain wall is Beijing accounting training center, then one after another around the construction of many projects, reasonable ways of application also in the exploration of this new technology.
Photovoltaic curtain wall and photovoltaic (entry "photovoltaic" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) roof
Right now the new idea is: curtain wall should not only energy saving, but also to capacity. This is the so-called "concept of energy square". Photovoltaic curtain wall using photovoltaic battery (entry "photovoltaic" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) in converting solar energy the sun into electrical energy, which is a kind of clean energy, especially Japan Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, the development of photovoltaic energy in our country more fierce.
The curtain wall technology research of
China has done a lot of work in the study of curtain wall technology, only in terms of curtain wall design method of glass panel (entry "glass panel is provided by the industry" Encyclopedia) design method, the design method of the curtain wall supporting structure, energy saving and thermal calculation and heat through air flow condition and thermal performance study. In addition, performance test and many new materials and large engineering performance test and curtain wall shaking table tests were carried out, such as CCTV built large test box 18 meters by 24 meters, 18 meters high wall diamond whole region for a number of test. Cable net curtain wall of Shenzhen North Station 20000 square meters built model to study the actual size, design review and construction process. The country's largest vibration table has reached 6 metres x 6 metres, 60 ton of shaking table test, too many walls, including the form of experimental curtain wall and curtain wall test on a specific engineering project.
Standard Specification for curtain wall
Based on the summary of China's curtain wall engineering experience and scientific research results, has promulgated the "glass curtain wall engineering technical specifications" (JGJ102 - 96) and "metal and stone curtain wall engineering technical specifications" (JGJ133 - 2001), which greatly improves the design of curtain wall project of our country construction level. In 2003, technical specification for curtain wall engineering glass revised "" (JGJ102 - 2003) promulgated. In 2012, a new version of JGJ 133 and JCJ 102 specification into the approval stage, will soon be promulgated.
Investigation of earthquake damage shows that the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and the 2010 Yushu earthquake: Specification for curtain wall in China experienced the test of earthquake, for the design of the curtain wall project reached under the seismic fortification intensity of intact or largely intact in accordance with the requirements of the specification, even in the ultra intensity under strong earthquake, also can maintain the integrity of. [End]

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