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Foreign media inventory of the global ten big sustainable building Chinese nearly half the list


in N years ago, maybe we will think the ornate, pull the air tall building "nature is wonderful", nowadays, health, comfort, energy saving, low carbon sustainable building (entry "sustainable building" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) is the "best the". Small make up to understand, sustainable building (Sustainable Building) was proposed in 1993 by a British doctor Charles Cabot, philosophy as "the quest to reduce the environmental load, engagement with the environment, but also conducive to the health of occupants". It aims to reduce energy consumption, save water, reduce pollution, Protect environment and ecology, protection of health, improve productivity, is conducive to future generations. Recently, American National Broadcasting Company (NBC) on the inventory of the world's ten largest sustainable buildings. It is worth noting, China 4 Building list "tall" famous! In addition, the UK accounted for 3 seats, America, Canada, Spain and Bahrain respectively 1 seat. Let us work together to have a look what is on the list of a building!, angel square one coordinate: Britain, Manchester list Tags: obtain raw material locally good example

Manchester in the UK Angel square one is British high product group (Co-operative) of the new headquarters building. It was designed by 3Dreid architects, and was built in 2012, to accommodate the high quality office space 3 square meters. Data shows, compared to the previous here and high product group headquarters building, can save 50% energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions by 80%, saving operating costs as high as 30%! It is worth mentioning that the local procurement and sustainable principle adopted high product group. It is understood, the cogeneration system of the building's energy comes from low carbon, by the local "high quality farm" production of rapeseed as bio fuel for cogeneration power station, energy supply, housing the remaining crops recovery will become the meal farm animal's "". The excess energy will be supplied to the power grid, or used in other NOMA development project (sponsored by the high quality group of the UK's biggest area reconstruction project in). The remaining waste energy will be delivered to a absorption refrigerating machine, used for building cooling.

Designers to consider the problem of global warming, according to a 2050 weather forecast data taken corresponding measures. Even if the future average summer temperature increase of 3 degrees to 5 degrees, the winter precipitation increased 30%, the building is also can cope with more than. And the fabric system building and system environment through the design, with the temperature rising year by year will become more and more efficient. In addition, the building with the waste water recycling and rainwater collection systems, to ensure that the water consumption of low buildings. The building also use low - energy LED lighting, maximize the use of natural light, so the distance of 7 meters outside the window is not set up the desk. Here is also equipped with electric vehicle charging station, more can meet travel demand of residents of future buildings. Two coordinate, crystal building: Britain, London: the list of labels of all electric smart "crystal"

The investment of 35000000 euros, which lasted a year and a half built Siemens crystal building has become the new landmark of london. It consists of Wilkinson ˙ Eyre (Wilkinson Eyre) design and construction firms designers, Germany Siemens company to build. Crystal tower is the intelligent building a "all electric" (entry "intelligent building" provided by the industry Encyclopedia), using innovative technology to provide energy solar and ground source heat pump, the building without burning any fossil fuel, electric energy can also be stored in the generated in the battery. In addition, crystal building also fusion can be rain water into drinking water rainwater collection systems, Blackwater (toilet sewage) treatment system, solar heating and model building management system, making the building automatic control and energy management. Here also is equipped with the electric vehicle charging station, and is a part of the London electric vehicle charging network project "Source London".

According to reports, the first city SIEMENS "crystal" is just SIEMENS plans to build the three cities around the world in a centre of competence, but also the largest. The next few years, there will be two cities competence center will be completed in Shanghai and Washington, let us wait and see. Three, Bank of America Building Coordinate: the United States, New York list Tags: America's environmental skyscraper

New York is located in the town of Bryant Park (Bryant Park) on the opposite side of the Bank of America building (Bank of America Tower) is the United States the first green leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) platinum certification of commercial high-rise buildings, skyscrapers in the world currently ranked thirteenth. It is understood that the American Bank building, designed by Cook +Fox architects, and was completed in 2009. The building consists of 54 layers, up to 366 meters, with 2100000 square feet of office space, at a cost of $2000000000.

The building is the most attention should be to achieve the application of environmental protection technology. It is understood, it can maximally reused wastewater and stormwater, water can save millions of gallons of annual consumption. Crystal surface curtain wall building can be efficient use of solar energy, and can capture the illumination angle changes, the high performance of the whole glass wall at the same time to ensure the maximum utilization of the sunlight. What is worth mentioning, this building also has a 4.6 MW natural gas power plants, combined with ice storage system, the peak period for building a 30% reduction in the demand for electricity. In addition, it is also equipped with environmental protection device through the glass curtain wall, the top senior underground air circulation system, is currently the most environmentally friendly building America! Four, Shanghai Center Tower coordinates: China, Shanghai list Tags: Chinese energy-saving environmental protection, the first high-rise

As the Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai world financial center in the graph, and Shanghai Center Tower construction in progress. China first high-rise -- Shanghai Center Tower recently tower crown cap structure of success. According to the story, this building is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year, put into operation in mid 2015. Shanghai Center Tower, with a height of 632 meters will also become the world's second tallest building. In addition to its "handsome" appearance, the most popular and its application of a number of sustainable development technology, and relates to the technical field of lighting, heating, cooling, power generation and renewable energy. According to the forecast, this year for building energy saving technology will reduce carbon emissions by 25000 tons.

The rainwater collection system diagram tower crown part will install spiral we can see the building external styling is rotating, the asymmetry of the external facade can wind load on building 24% reduction (air flow generated by the project structure pressure). A spiral top funnel also rainwater collection can be used for building, import water tank. In natural light, Shanghai Center Tower also with a full glass curtain wall, external wall and special glaze, in the summer can play a shading effect, each layer can effectively prevent the crosspiece also Zhang Lie in the summer sunshine. Green energy-saving device for lighting system building by a large number of LED light source, the most efficient all-round central green lighting control system. The building also use of geothermal resources for heating and refrigeration, considerable environmental protection!

270 500 Watt wind turbines installed in the 565-578 meters, the total installed power of 135 kW have to say there are wind power device of the top of the tower, it is understood that they each year to provide about 1190000 kwh of renewable energy! These energy will be used in external lighting and part of the construction of the parking garage electricity demand. Five, the Pearl River City Building Coordinate: China, Guangzhou list Tags: the world's energy saving and environmental protection of the skyscraper

Guangzhou is located in the Pearl River Metro CBD core area of the Guangzhou Pearl River City building, has been foreign media hailed as the "world's energy saving and environmental protection of the skyscraper". This will be the architectural art and the ecological technology com. skyscrapers (building tower 309 meters high, 71 layers) has received a number of international environmental protection award. It is understood, Guangzhou Pearl River City building will be innovative climate technology, solar energy, wind energy field solution combining the use of wind energy, solar energy, self power generation, to produce the required energy, the excess electricity can also be sold to the grid.

The design unit has noted that the building energy-saving effect, the maximum contribution from the air conditioning system. Cold radiation ceiling building used (entry "smallpox" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) panels can be produced a singular effect: "indoor temperature at 28 DEG C can let a person feel the body feeling temperature 26 DEG C, the temperature difference is that the temperature of 2 DEG C, the energy consumption can save 25% of air conditioning." In addition, the Pearl River City building exterior wall using transparent double glass curtain wall, curtain wall also installed photovoltaic power generation (entry "photovoltaic" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) equipment which use of Rizhao power. The building is also equipped with other solar panels to provide hot water for building. The structure of the external walls and roof makes the building of the room during the day can be completely the use of solar lighting. Data shows, this year at least two buildings can reduce oxidation (entry "oxidation" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) carbon emissions 3~5 tons, compared with conventional non energy saving building, building their own energy consumption is reduced nearly 60%. Six, the sun and the moon altar, micro row building coordinate: Chinese, Dezhou list Tags: world's largest solar office building

Shandong is located in Dezhou City, the sun and moon altar ˙ micro row of buildings, a total construction area of 75000 square meters, is not only the world's largest solar office building, is currently the world's largest collection of solar thermal, photovoltaic, building energy saving in one high-rise public buildings. Riyuetan mansion is the main venue of the 2010 Fourth World Solar City Conference, at present already will display, scientific research, office, conference, training, hotel, entertainment and other functions into one body. It combines the application of many new technologies, such as solar energy, ceiling radiation heating refrigeration, photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic sunshade, swimming pool water, rainwater collection, water treatment system, the stagnant layer of seasonal energy storage technology, energy efficiency up to 88%, known as the global low carbon center.

Here the hotel also has a 80% green room, standard room no smoking device, each room has not only environmental protection publicity information, also the unit energy consumption for the guests were recorded, even a gift award. In addition, the Riyuetan Pool ˙ micro row building also has all kinds of recreational facilities, such as the forest oxygen bar, climate mall, solar pool, the roof gardens, also makes it the world's only one micro discharge wetland resort. Seven, Vanke center coordinates: China, Shenzhen list Tags: green building auto sunshade

Vanke center is located in Shenzhen City, Dameisha China resort, covers an area of 61729.7 square meters, a total construction area of 80200 square meters. The first is adopted here to innovation type automatic adjustment of external sunshade system. It is understood, this system can automatically adjust the perforated transparent board will "breathing" according to the height of the sun and the indoor illumination, so as to achieve the ideal effect of shading. In Chinese speaking, is the first application of a new external shading system this in large office buildings.

In the water resource conservation, building internal use of rainwater recycling system can be comprehensive, roofing and open water accumulation in the waterscape pool and then back to grassland afforestation after collection and treatment. In addition, the project will also generated sewage recycle all, were degraded by artificial wetland (entry "degradation" provided by the industry Encyclopedia) treatment, for the local irrigation, cleaning purposes. Data shows, this water treatment daily volume amounted to 100 tons, greatly reducing the burden of municipal water. Finally, solar water heating and photovoltaic power system has also been applied here, pollution can expected annual provides 250000 degrees of electricity generated by the photovoltaic system. In addition, the solar water heater is used in hot water and shower wash pool building etc.. Eight, Manitoba Hydro Building Coordinate: Canada, Winnipeg list Tags: Canada's sustainable buildings

This is located in downtown Winnipeg Canada (Winnipeg), an area of 695000 square feet of the building -- Manitoba utilities building (Manitoba Hydro Place) has been officially put into use in 2009. It not only is Canada's fourth largest energy company -- Manitoba electricity and water authority's new headquarters building, is the country's most sustainable buildings. Data shows, its power consumption is only equivalent to an ordinary office building 1/4, and also can resist extreme climate of the region, it has been the high-rise building committee (the Council for Tall Buildings) named America's best architecture. The building is 23 stories high, mainly through the passive mode to save energy. Building at the bottom of the two towers shaped like the letter A, meet in the northern tip, in the southern part of the bottom end to separate, which can capture the sunshine. The tower open portion receiving a series of winter garden, like the lungs to absorb into the fresh outdoor air, and sent to the workplace. Every seat atrium are set to the falls, according to the season and wet or dry air. Up to 377 feet high in "thermal chimney" shape of the main building is located at the main entrance, the formation of the skyline. Building the device for environmental protection thermal cycle system can be office heating and refrigeration. Nine, CIS solar building coordinate: Britain, Manchester list Tags: Europe's largest vertical solar building

CIS solar building in British Manchester (CIS Solar Tower) is the world's 14 Mega solar building one of the. It is understood, this building is in the original building with a history of over 40 years of renovation and become, the most prominent bright spot is that more than 7000 solar panel with Europe's largest solar panel array -- building vertical external it has. Although from the appearance, it not seem "cool", however, many of the world's "cool" skyscrapers are in the concept phase of solar energy. CIS solar building already completed and implementation of solar energy utilization, and has become Europe's largest vertical solar building. Ten, Bahrain world trade center coordinates: Bahrain, Manama list Tags: the first wind power and building integration of skyscrapers

Up to 240 meters, has two 50 layer structure in Petronas Twin Towers buildings -- Bahrain World Trade Center (BWTC), located in the Bahrain capital of Manama, King Feisal road. Although it is not high (high in the country ranked second, second only to the Bahrain financial harbour in the Bahrain financial harbour tower), but it is the world's first wind launched com. units and building skyscrapers. This building is the highlight of Petronas Twin Towers between the 16 layers (61m), the 25 layer (97m) and 35 layers (133m) premises device weighs across the bridge 75 tons and three seat 29 meters in diameter of the wind turbine generator. Sail as building body formed two buildings before the sea breeze convection, thus speeding up the wind. Reportedly, this year about three power generating windmills can provide 1200000000000000 watts (1200000 degrees) of electricity, the equivalent of about 300 households of electricity consumption, which can support the building electricity 11%-15%.

The data shows, the three generating windmill rotor speed full load for 38 revolutions per minute, through a series of gearbox is housed in the engine compartment, can be 1500 rpm operating power let generator. In the strong wind, or transferred to a standstill, the top wing will be pushed outward, increasing the total torque of the rotor, so as to achieve the purpose of speed reducer. The maximum wind speed of the fan can withstand three seat is 80 meters / sec, and can withstand a category 4 hurricane (wind speed 69 meters per second or more). [End]

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