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External wall insulation board advantage


1 insulation energy-saving decorative insulation: insulation board has excellent characteristics, compared with the traditional external wall insulation decorative building materials, heat insulation performance is excellent with cold. Greatly reduces the heating and cooling energy consumption, thereby saving energy expenditure. Product cost-effective.
2 convenient installation cost saving: the installation mode is simple, fast, not subject to seasonal climate and geographical environment restriction, the suitable. Significantly shorten the project cycle, not only speed up the progress of the project, but also save the cost of construction, reduce the comprehensive cost. The insulation board in reaching decoration decoration and thermal insulation effect at the same time, minimizing the external load, the space and land availability enhancement.
3 light province seismic crack: decorative insulation of light weight, high strength, good impact resistance. It is lightweight advantages not only reduces the burden of the building itself, and greatly reduces the effects of earthquakes on structures. The plate is installed in the light steel structure building, strong integrity, earthquake proof, strong security.
4 plate flame retardant waterproof and moistureproof: decorative insulation board core material after special treatment, has good flame retardant property, security. Wall decoration materials of traditional, widespread flooded through the cold caused by substrate degradation, resulting in indoor wall seepage problems. The insulation and decoration plate structure and excellent concave convex splicing plate between the compact buckle installation way trough, avoid rain, snow, freezing, thawing, dry wet cycle caused damage, structure, installation after elimination of wall seepage of sorrow, effectively avoid the interior walls moldy phenomenon. Even in the cold area, the insulation board decorative performance stable seepage deformation is also no worries, prolong the service life of buildings.
5 noise insulation layer: a quiet and comfortable decoration thermal insulation core material integrated plate in the middle to high density modified low molecular polymer foaming material, its internal to the closed independent bubble structure, has good sound insulation effect. Applicable to the noise area nearby apartments, hospitals, schools and other buildings, effectively reduce outdoor noise into the room, keep the room quiet and comfortable environment.
6 green environmental protection durable: decorative insulation board has stable chemical and physical structure, does not decompose mildew, no radiation, no pollution, green environmental protection. The board also can be flexibly disassembled after the re installed in the use of other buildings, the leftover bits and pieces of the remaining construction could be recycled, greatly reduce construction waste in the construction process, is of high quality, high performance and environmental protection products. Decorative insulation board is easy to clean, durable, long service life.
7 strong decoration more choices: to provide customers more choice, launched more than 100 kinds of color combinations of architectural design, give more space to play. Luxurious and beautiful decorative effect, make the construction highlights the class and grade. Dismounting method easy and flexible, be an easy job to make replacement wall design collocation. The formulation can also be colored according to the special requirements of customers. Decorative insulation boards of various colors can match the use, exercise one's inventive mind, be the most changeful style combination form.
8 a wide range of applications: decorative insulation plate can be widely used in municipal construction, commercial buildings, office hall, hospital, tobacco, petroleum system, the transformation of old buildings, and many other engineering field. The building is not only suitable for the new brick masonry structure, frame structure, steel structure, light body housing and other types of buildings, but also suitable for decorative transform both energy-efficient construction, and indoor and outdoor decoration. Decorative insulation board is becoming more and more wall insulation decorative building materials preferred.

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